MESTI Certification

The Food Hygiene Regulations (PPKM) 2009 requires every owner and occupier of food manufacturing premises to prepare and hold a Food Safety Assurance Program (PJKM). PJKM is a system of planned practices that are documented and guarantee that any particular type of food will not be harmful to consumers when eaten. Among the PJKM that have been introduced to premises involved in food manufacturing are such as Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP), ISO 22000 and so on.

However, the existing PJKM is quite difficult to obtain by food manufacturing premises, especially Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). In this regard, the Ministry of Health Malaysia (MOH) has introduced a scheme that is easy to obtain and meets the minimum requirements provided in the PPKM 2009 which is the Industry Responsibility Safe Food Certification Scheme (MeSTI). The MeSTI Certification Scheme is a rebranded scheme to replace the 1Malaysia Food Safety Scheme (SK1M). Through MeSTI certification, food manufacturing premises will be guided in developing and implementing the Food Safety Assurance Program (PJKM) before recognition is given.

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