SUCI is a flavour manufacturer with a reputation for producing quality Halal flavours. As a Syariah compliant company, we present Halal “Peace of Mind” flavours to the world.

Located in a highly infrastructured Klang Valley area in Semenyih, Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia, it has an on-site HACCP certified manufacturing as well as laboratory and quality control facilities.

SUCI offers the platform for customers to source out that special flavour from our list of flavours or alternatively, customers can collaborate with our R&D team in search for the unique flavour that suits their product best.

SUCI aspires to set the standards for Halal flavours that evoke positive emotions and delight senses of consumers through its quality flavours.

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FROM 2012

SUCI entered the flavour industry in 2012 with the hope of redefining the Halal flavour market via promoting our Halal-certified flavours as Pure, Clean and Lifestyle products. This hinges on the fact that our flavours are manufactured in a complete Syariah compliant ecosystem of flavour production and in the operations of its business.

The company started with the focus on manufacturing liquid flavours which garnered much demand from the local food and beverages market. Subsequently, the company expanded its capability to include the powder flavour production line and enhanced its laboratory equipment to promote knowledge in creating and producing new flavours.

SUCI has been granted the Pioneer Status by Malaysia Investment Development Authority (MIDA). Through the years, the company receives support from Malaysia External Trade and Development Corporation (MARTRADE) to explore overseas market and from Malaysian Technology Development Corporation (MTDC) Sdn. Bhd. for technological know-how, promotion and facilities expansion. SUCI was also involved in the Mentoring programme organised by the Halal Development Corporation (HDC), SME Corp. and Nestle.

To date, SUCI’s Halal flavours are in distinct local products and through its compliance to standards; HACCP certified, Halal certified by JAKIM, MeSTI certified by Ministry of Health, Malaysia, its flavours have been universally accepted and exported.


The laboratory in SUCI is the creativity nerve of the company where flavour development, evaluation and application are realised to provide quality and innovative solutions to both local and global customers.


SUCI has a full on-site manufacturing facility which is Syariah compliant and HACCP certified assuring quality and safety in production, quality control, packaging and shipment of products.



To be the Partner of Choice for Flavours and Fragrances in the Aroma Flavours and Products business.


To be the preferred Aroma Flavour Manufacturer in the Food and Beverages, and Health industries.


Compliance to syariah, customer satisfaction, teamwork, integrity, innovation


Suci Harumatiques Sdn. Bhd. is committed to produce safe products in compliance with food safety
regulatory requirement (Malaysian Food Act 1983) by effectively implementing HACCP system. The
management will ensure that this policy is applied throughout the company by providing adequate and
appropriate resources, and effective communication for successful HACCP system.



We have an exciting list of flavours ready for you to choose from but if you require that special dash of flavour that signifies your product, our team of flavorists would be able to collaborate and design it just for you!.


We are excited to get to know your better and work with you to satisfy your product enhancement.

Our customer support is here to answer your questions. Whatsapp us here.