SUCI was established in 2012 with the aim to fill the void in the flavour industry with regards to Halal flavour manufactured in a Syariah compliant ecosystem encompassing not only ‘halalness’ in ingredients used and production processes but also in terms of management, funding, human resource and workplace ethics ensuring end-to-end halal integrity. It aims to be a truly Halal Flavour supplier.

It was then, the only Muslim manufacturer of aroma flavours in Malaysia providing solutions and innovations for SMEs to stay competitive in the local market. SUCI is now serving both local and overseas markets.

Operations started from a one and a half storey plant in a small dedicated industrial area in Selangor, it has since relocated to a larger premise in line with growth and expansion of the company.



SUCI developed a complete Syariah compliant ecosystem of producing halal flavours that encompass the sourcing of ingredients (Halal), preparation (rightful intention), production (equipment and machines are cleansed according to Islamic principles), storing and packaging (Muslim human resource) and also in the operations of the company. As such, Halal flavours produced by SUCI are those that give ‘Peace of Mind’- free from ambiguity and uncertainty (syubhah).


SUCI is a family-run company, leveraging on the Directors’ varied experiences, knowledge and expertise steering the management, sales and marketing, production and research and development aspects of the company.

The company has now grown to include overseas sales and marketing teams and consultants for R&D to meet global need for flavours.


Commitment to Syariah Compliant

Ensure ‘Halal and Toyyibun’ in the entire ecosystem of producing Halal aroma flavour from rightful Intention, Human Resource, Ingredients, Processes, Equipment and Machines to Storing, Packaging
and Distribution

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Present personalised service to meet the needs of customers, engage proactively with them and address their preferences.

Commitment to Integrity, Quality and Safety

Practise responsible business ethics focusing on Halal integrity, enhancing the Quality of flavours, and adhering to Food Safety requirements.

Commitment to Research and Innovation

Explore new ideas and values in aroma flavour creation and production that could provide product its variety and unique qualities.

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