Vanilla Essence Vs. Vanilla Extract

This article will explain about vanilla essence vs. vanilla extract.

Chocolate, strawberry, blueberry, apple, blackcurrant, and orange are among the aromas that people would prefer for their bakery and for many other purpose as well. However, there is no flavour in the world that contains a rich, creamy and warm aroma and taste compared to vanilla. It’s definitely a go to flavour whenever you want to bake something for your friends and family. But should you use a vanilla essence vs extract (vanilla essence vs. vanilla extract)?

So, this article will explain about vanilla essence vs. vanilla extract.

Trust me, you are not alone when people ask you the difference between vanilla essence vs extract (vanilla essence vs. vanilla extract). There are lots of questions that comes into your mind when people ask this question. Which one is organic? Which one is artificial? How do they make it? One can’t avoid to be asked with these kind of questions. So, which one is the right choice for you to use for your bakery? No worries because we will explain in details regarding both types so that you can make a choice to use either one of it.

How They Are Produced?

Vanilla Extract

When we talk about vanilla extract, it is a natural product, while vanilla essence shifts towards the synthetic side, chemically produced substance. Therefore, an extract is usually less processed but it gives a stronger and more pure vanilla flavour when you have to compare it with vanilla essence.

Vanilla essence will imitate the taste and aroma of a real vanilla, but it does not made of it. Truthfully, it often includes crude oil, or petroleum. When it is mixed and processed, it will imitate the vanilla flavour. Therefore it is considered as an artificial flavouring. However, vanilla extract is a natural product and it is usually created by soaking vanilla pods in a solution of ethyl alcohol and water. Did you know that its strong flavor comes from a molecule named vanillin? This molecule is only found in vanilla beans.

Since vanilla essence is a synthesized product, it contains a very little or sometimes no real vanillin at all. Most of the ingredients will consist of high concentration of additional additives such as colouring, flavouring, sweeteners, and preservatives. So if you are looking for that rich, pure flavour, then vanilla extract would be the right choice for you.

Is the price different?

One would argue that the price of both products should be the same because both types contains the taste and aroma of a vanilla. However, one should consider the authenticity as well. Remember, quality will always trump over quantity. Therefore, vanilla essence is a cheaper product, and it is better suited for those who are baking in large quantities. However, if vanilla is part of the main ingredients for your recipe, it would be wise for you to use vanilla extract instead.

Which one can be home made?

vanilla essence

When it comes to this category, surely you would not be able to create a vanilla essence at your own home because it requires several apparatus that you probably do not have it. However, vanilla extract is a different matter. What do u need to prepare is a small jar or glass bottle, vanilla beans, and clear liquor or alcohol (preferably vodka). Follow these steps as below:

It is not too hard to make your own vanilla extract, right? The downside is that you need to wait months in order for you to be able to use it, so its better off if you purchase it if you want to use it as soon as possible. But what if you are a Muslim and you want to make sure that the ingredients are 100% halal? If you are looking for one, you can contact us via this link.

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